Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Conquers Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Many have been following Floyd Mayweather Jr. as his style is unique, brilliant and artistic. His way of fighting, his footwork and speed are incredible. Regarding trash talk, many said before, that it’s his way of getting into the head of his opponents to gain upper hand during fight night, he doesn’t mean those, just like Ali. But recently, many have noticed that in Pacquiao’s case, Floyd Jr. has changed. These are some situations, to name a few:

  1. While on retirement, when Pacquiao knocked out Erik Morales, Floyd Jr. was very appreciative. He even said that Pacquiao is next to him. Many people even said that he cheered for Pacquiao during the fight with Morales. This is the behavior of a typical Floyd Mayweather Jr. – great boxer, proud and confident of his skills.
  2. When he came back from retirement and fought Marquez to assert his being the P4P status, many said Floyd has to claim his throne, anyway Pacquiao was declared P4P king when Floyd retired. Now that Floyd is back he can easily snatch it from Pacquiao. Then Floyd strikes at Pacquiao even if Marquez was his immediate opponent. This is a deviation from what Floyd usually does. Instead of focusing on Marquez, he was targeting another fighter. Such action was interpreted by many as “He is just preparing for the real fight which is Pacquiao, since Marquez is just a walk in the park. He just wants to have a psychological advantage at this early”.
  3. When people start saying that Pacquiao is above Floyd and ranks Pacquiao as number one on the P4P list especially with Pacquiao’s demolition of Hatton, Floyd showed some irritation and fired more thrash at Pacquiao. People are beginning to say that Floyd is losing his composure especially that Pacquiao did not fire back at Floyd.
  4. When the negotiations of the proposed Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight failed due to disagreement on blood testing procedure, Floyd continued to fire trash talks at Pacquiao. And many have noticed that when Pacquiao’s name is mentioned Floyd becomes uneasy, his facial expression changes, the way he speaks and moves also change. And the trash talks get sharper and sharper. These are a not a sign of a confident fighter. These are signs of an angry and insecure person.
  5. Presently, Floyd always fire shots at Pacquiao during interviews and other media exposures. If not Floyd, his father Floyd Sr. or his uncle Roger or Jeff Mayweather will lambast Pacquiao. Or if not, some writers, commentators, believed to be hired/paid by Floyd or Team Mayweather, would fire shots at Pacquiao, always mentioning PEDs and/or HGH, the failed $25 million to $40 million fight, and so on.
  6. After the latest fight of Pacquiao and Clottey, Floyd commented that he is not impressed on the performance of Pacquiao and declares that his performance during the coming fight with Mosely will be a lot better than what Pacquia showed.
  7. Then recently, Jeff Mayweather “AGAIN” restated that Pacquiao has to take the test and step up if he wants to fight Floyd.

Conclusion (as viewed by fans):

  • All indications point to one thing: “Floyd is angry at Manny Pacquiao. Instead of Floyd getting into the head and skin of Manny Pacquiao, it’s Manny Pacquiao getting into Floyd’s head/skin.” Floyd is already emotional about Pacquiao.
  • Floyd has overdone his trash talks, moves, and actions such that people have interpreted it as “He is jealous, envious, and scared of Pacquiao”.
  • Discrediting Pacquiao’s achievements and present performance is not necessary and desirable for Floyd’s status. It has no bearing on the career of Floyd. What if Pacquio’s performance is good? That does not diminish Floyd’s skill, so, there’s no use in commenting re: Pacquiao’s performance. These things were aggravated when a writer Rick Reeno wrote that Team Mayweather representatives told him that Floyd did not issue the recent statement about Pacquiao’s performance against Clottey because Floyd has not watched the fight yet. Nobody will believe that Floyd did not watch the fight.
  • The latest pronouncement of Jeff Mayweather is doing more harm than good to Floyd. Jeff added fuel to the already burning popularity and publicity of Pacquiao. Everytime Jeff speaks and lambast Pacquiao, Floyd Jr.’s reputation will suffer since he is the uncle of Floyd, it’s self-serving.
  • Sum of all these things is that Pacquiao has conquered Floyd’s mind. Floyd lost in the battle of minds against Pacquiao.

“Actions” that Floyd has to take to repair damaged reputation and to increase credibility, the fans suggested the following:

  1. Issue an official statement, “in TV” such as: “Floyd will be fighting Pacquiao next to Shane Mosely. Floyd will not be demanding any drug testing not required by the Governing Body. Purse and other details agreed before the negotiations stalled would remain intact. People will just have to patiently wait when Floyd had disposed Mosely. Floyd is even agreeable to sign a contract as early as today for a fight with Manny Pacquiao after Mosely”.
  2. After the statement just keep silent. Do not let other writers blast Pacquiao. Do not use Jeff Mayweather, or Folyd Sr. or Roger Mayweather or any relative to strike at Pacquiao. Even Golden Boy – do not use them. They will just add problems to your credibility.
  3. Then, officially bring your drug testing procedure change to the Boxing Governing Body so that it can be discussed, studied and debated. As the governing body arrives a decision whether to apply changes to its system or not, accept it cheerfully.
  4. Then show everybody that Floyd is the best by fighting the best that anybody can imagine.

If Floyd Jr. would apply above suggestion, his credibility and popularity will surely shoot up to the moon as these are ideas from Floyd’s customers (his fans).

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virgie said...

I agree fully with your analysis. Floyd Mayweather is afraid of Paquiao and he is eaten up by hatred for and insecurities about Pacman.

He deserves to be ignored. clottey, despite his hiding behind his gloved hands, is a better person and a seasoned fighter.

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