Monday, July 27, 2009

Cotto vs. Pacquiao: and the Winner Is!!!

Who would expect that a smaller guy, who was once a skinny fighter at flyweight, would fight a much bigger man in the welterweight division? Inconceivable, unimaginable isn’t it? Especially if the bigger man is not an ordinary fighter but a true champion who has been bullying opponents in the ring. This happens only in the movies and in the bible too.

But not now, the once believed to be an inconceivable, unimaginable, and almost impossible fight will happen on November 14, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The smaller man, who happens to be the King (Pound for Pound) of boxing, His Majesty Manny Pacquiao, who is comfortable fighting at the weight of 140 pounds, will fight the bigger man, who happens to be the Ruler of the Welterweight Division, His Highness Miguel Cotto who is comfortable fighting at 147 pounds.

How to level the playing field?: Since the weight discrepancy is too much, experts figure out a way of making the fight even by adjusting the weight limit. They just let the bigger man go down his weight a little and the smaller man go up a little. From 147, His Highness Miguel Cotto will move down by two (2) pounds and His Majesty Manny Pacquiao will move up by five (5) pounds. They will meet at 145 pounds. Perfect match according to the experts.

What are at stake?: Aside from a big payday, both fighters are aiming for “the throne and the crown”. The Throne of Manny Pacquiao as the Pound for Pound King and the Crown of Miguel Cotto as the Welterweight Division Champion of the World. Wow, what a fight. Anybody who wins the fight will be regarded as the Pound for Pound King of Boxing and the Ruler of Welterweight Division. For both fighters, this is a chance of a lifetime to prove their worth to the world. Who will not be enticed by these rewards. Even if this fight will be classified as non-title bout, for all intents and purposes, anybody who wins (especially if by total domination) will be regarded as the Pound for Pound King and the Welterweight Division Champ.

How will the fighters prepare? : Well, both fighters will make sure that they are physically, mentally and spiritually in top shape during this occasion. How to do this would depend on how their coaches and trainers would use their wits and creativity in analyzing previous fights, present condition of both fighters and possible scenarios during the fight to formulate their own game plans. Who outwits who will have an advantage in this fight.

Who do you think will win in this fight? Is it Pacquiao or Cotto? and why? : I am going to toss this question to the following:

  • To the fans of both fighters, the question is “Why do you think your idol, either Cotto or Pacquiao, will win in this fight?
  • To those who are not fans of both fighters, the question is “Who do you think will win in this fight and why?”

Please cast your votes on the poll space below.

Let the fight begins.

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